HYPERWWWORK is the Master of Architecture diploma project of Romain Curnier and Adrien Grigorescu, under the supervision of Mario Carpo, Jeremy Lecomte and Christian Girard from the Digital Knowledge Department at ENSA Paris Malaquais.

Through an historical analysis of the relationship between architecture and value production in the workplace, it anticipates the consequences of a new information economy, based on data harvesting and analysis using IoT devices. From the home office to the nomadic worker, this new model blurs the distinction between public and private space, work and leisure, production and consumption. The IoT and large-scale adoption of smart objects turn every connected place into a “soft-production” space, in which the individual creates value unconsciously or without mobilizing any specific abilities.

The HYPERWWWORK project, through prospective fictional thinking, invites one to take a step back so as to evaluate the consequences and the risks of the implementation of smart technologies. HYPERWWWORK thus extrapolates a social, technical and architectonic context in which these technologies are embedded, and seeks to reveal the role of architecture in this new paradigm.





Trained at the ENSA Paris-Malaquais and at the UdK Berlin, Romain Curnier is an architect. Member of the APSC research group attached to the IIAC (EHESS/CNRS), and of the collective Co/META, he also practices within architectural agencies (Jean-Christophe Quinton, AWP, TVK).



Adrien Grigorescu is an independent designer & artist in the fields of architecture and new media.  His  practice focuses on the spatial, social, and cultural impacts of technological innovations in the built environment - explored through architectural design, research and audiovisual creation.